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How SkinScreener was created

Enthusiastic and inspired by the Star Trek films, dermatologist Michael Tripolt wanted to develop a device that could detect diseases without contact, just like in the films, and thus alleviate and prevent human suffering.

The desire for such an innovation grew with the increase in skin cancer patients. He knew that he could help people much better and that the chances of recovery would be higher if they could treat skin cancer at an early stage.

Artificial intelligence for the early detection of skin cancer now available to everyone

It quickly became clear that artificial intelligence could be used to detect malignant skin lesions. The only problem now was to make the technology accessible and easy to use for everyone, and after a long period of research, this innovative technology was successfully packaged in a smartphone app for the first time, with an accuracy of 95%, as a study with the Medical University of Graz showed.
The SkinScreener app was thus born, bringing Dr. Tripolt closer to his goal of providing everyone with a tool for the early detection of skin cancer.

Our vision and our mission

Our vision is a world without deaths from skin cancer due to early detection.

Our goal is to develop an innovative and affordable AI technology for skin cancer detection that has the potential to save lives. Our goal is to create health through global availability, because we believe that a good and healthy life does not have to depend on income, but should be equally accessible to all people.

We are SkinScreener

Our team is constantly working on improving and optimizing the SkinScreener app. Thanks to our young and energetic team of experts, consisting of doctors and technicians, a certified medical product for the early detection of skin cancer was launched on the European market. This important milestone was achieved early on because everyone in the team pulled together with their individual strengths.

Our work is based on empirical medical findings and is supported by high-ranking dermatologists. We aim not only to comply with the stringent requirements of the Medical Devices Act, but also to exceed them.

Dr. Michael Tripolt

Dr. Michael Tripolt MPH

Founder und Medical Advisor

Johanna Fleischanderl, Marketing

Johanna Fleischanderl

Marketing Manager

Sabrina Schunn

Sabrina Schunn

Head of Software Development

Portrait, Julia Willingshofer

Julia Willingshofer

Mobile Development

CEO Albin Skasa

Albin Skasa


Ernesa Jakupovic

Head of Sales

Jakob Opertinger

Jakob Oberpertinger

Backend Development

Dr. Theresa Kränke

Dr. Teresa Kränke

Medical Data Analyst

Andrea Wagner, Regulatory Affairs

Andrea Wagner

Regulatory Affairs

Klaus Poier

Business Relations

Markus Maier

Backend Development

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