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SkinScreener is a user-friendly app for quick and easy assessment of skin cancer risk in skin lesions (moles, skin spots, skin lesions, etc.) based on artificial intelligence. Redeem your promo code now and use SkinScreener for free!

Redeem your Promo Code in 5 steps:

1. download the app
2. register in the app and close the app
3. log in with the same login details below
4. click on “Redeem promo code” and
enter your code
5. start scanning

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Take care of your skin health with SkinScreener

SkinScreener is your constant companion when it comes to skin health. You can scan your moles and skin lesions anywhere and at any time.

How does SkinScreener work in detail?

  • You get a skin cancer risk assessment with your smartphone
  • Save the images including the risk assessment in your personal archive
  • Receive information about your local UV index
  • Keep up to date with news, tips and stories about your skin health
  • Receive reminders for scans or visits to the doctor
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