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Assess the cancer risk of moles quickly, easily and accurately anywhere and at any time with SkinScreener.

The scanning guide

Be part of it. It’s never been so easy. One scan. So valuable.

1. take a picture of your skin.

As soon as you have downloaded the app, you can take a photo of your skin with your smartphone’s camera. The app prompts you to take photos of moles, freckles or other skin spots that are causing you concern.

2. receive an analysis

Once you have taken the photos, the app uses artificial intelligence to analyze them and determine whether any of the stains are a cause for concern. Factors such as size, color and shape are taken into account during the analysis.

3. you receive a risk assessment

Based on the analysis, the app provides a risk assessment for each spot photographed. This assessment tells you whether the stain is low, medium or high risk and whether you should see a dermatologist for further examination.

4. body map

The filter is designed to identify the different types of moles and spots that can appear on different parts of the body and can be used by both individuals and healthcare professionals. It provides an easy and convenient way to monitor and track moles and spots on specific parts of the body.

5. Archive

The archive stores all scanned moles and allows users to obtain information on which part of the body the mole occurs on and the risk associated with it. This filtering function is helpful for people with an increased risk of skin cancer or a history of skin cancer to monitor their skin health.