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Statistically, the probability of developing skin cancer once in a lifetime is about 20%. The earlier skin cancer can be detected, the better the chances of recovery. This is why our group of dermatologists and biomedical engineers have developed SkinScreener , a smart way to determine the personal risk of altered skin areas with an app, in addition to regular dermatological examinations.

Our vision is to provide our service to as many people as possible and to enable millions of people to examine their skin in a fast, easy, and accurate way. SkinScreener is free to download in the app store and users receive two free scans.

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SkinScreener recognizes indications of preliminary-stage cancer such as actinic keratosis and dysplastic nevi, as well as structural elements of malignant lesions such as squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, basalioma, and Bowen’s disease. The regular self-examination of altered skin areas is essential in order to detect skin cancer in the early stage.

Download SkinScreener for free in your Android and Apple app store today and be one step ahead in the race to beat skin cancer.



Total of 10 scans

9,99 EUR


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1 month

4,99 EUR


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12 months

24,99 EUR

Try SkinScreener for free

A simple and user-friendly app to assess the risk of skin cancer, based on the best AI algorithm. The download is free and includes 2 free scans!

SkinScreener cannot replace a dermatological examination. It is not giving a diagnosis and cannot be a substitute for visiting a healthcare professional.
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