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SkinScreener is an easy-to-use app that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and easily assess the risk of skin lesions (changes in the skin). Here you will find our latest press releases with related material such as company information, logos and an image library.

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01_Mag. Stefan Liechtenstein, GF Valnon Holding + Mag. Albin Skasa, CEO medaia + Dr. Michael Tripolt, Founder medaia GmbH

6-figure investment: Valnon Holding invests in Graz-based skin cancer screening app SkinScreener.

The smartphone app SkinScreener, developed by the Graz-based start-up medaia for early Skin cancer detection expands with new partner Valnon Holding Australia, USA as new target markets
Wiener Städtische

Skin cancer prevention app SkinScreener launches cooperation with leading health insurer

Wiener Städtische customers can use the SkinScreener skin cancer prevention app free of charge for one year. The number of skin cancer diagnoses has increased dramatically in recent years. Skin cancer is now the most common cancer worldwide. The earlier a disease is detected, the greater the chances of recovery.
Albin Skasa Portrait_email

medaia GmbH strengthens its management: Albin Skasa is the new CEO

In the course of the ambitious growth strategy of medaia GmbH with the AI app SkinScreener, Albin Skasa takes over the management.

MSD & SkinScreener join forces against skin cancer

The cooperation between the Graz-based start-up medaia and the company MSD Austria creates new awareness on the topic of skin cancer, starting with May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month. MSD Austria provides all employees with annual licenses for the skin cancer screening app SkinScreener, setting a strong example in the fight against cancer. In addition to the Austrian Cancer Aid, SkinScreener was also able to win the pharmaceutical company MSD as a strategic partner in the fight against skin cancer.
Press release_Skinscreener 2020

Graz-based startup SkinScreener declares war on skin cancer!

The probability that a person will suffer a malignant skin disease once in his life is more than 20%. Early detection has a significant influence on the chances of cure. And this is where the Graz-based startup medaia GmbH (= MEDical Artificial Intelligence Applications) comes in with its app "SkinScreener".

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SkinScreener cannot replace a dermatological examination. It is not giving a diagnosis and cannot be a substitute for visiting a healthcare professional.
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