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Sun damage


Sunlight is essential for humans. It stimulates vitamin D production and provides warmth and well-being. However, sensible exposure to the sun is the most important part of skin cancer prevention.

Sun damageare damages to the skin caused by frequent and too intensive exposure to UV rays. The most common form of acute skin damage caused by UV radiation is sunburn. Other forms of sun damage to the skin are skin aging, sun allergy and Mallorca acne.

UV Rays Facts


most common form of acute sun damage
Redness, swelling and blistering of the skin is a reaction to the damage of skin cells by UV radiation.
Skin cells damaged to such an extent that this leads to inflammatory reactions and burn-like symptoms.
thereby discomfort such as detachment of the skin, feeling of tension, itching and pain.
in the case of severe sunburn, unsightly pigmentary shifts may be left remind

Skin ageing

triggered by years of exposure to UVA and UVB rays.
Elasticity of the skin is destroyed and irreparable damage occurs
resulting in light-induced skin ageing with flaccidity, wrinkling and pigmentary disorders

Sun allergy

triggered by long-wave UV rays
Pathological reaction of the skin to sunlight
resulting in a rash with redness, blisters or nodules that are very itchy

Mallorca Acne

special form of sun allergy triggered by UVA rays.
Interaction of UV rays and oily sunscreens
arises a few days after the first intense sunbathing of the year.

Remember that sun damage to the skin has negative long-term negative consequences. Apart from the fact that sun-exposed skin ages rapidly, skin cancer can develop from the damaged skin.

Protect your skin with the right sunscreen and make an appointment with your dermatologist if you see a conspicuous mole or skin change.

You are in your skinfor life.

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