Skin cancer screening via app
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SkinScreener is a user-friendly app to easily and quickly assess the risk of skin cancer in skin lesions (moles, skin spots, skin lesions or similar), using artificial intelligence. Skin cancer prevention made easy!


1 of 5 People develops skin cancer

The incidence of melanoma and other types of skin cancer has increased steadily worldwide in recent years. Statistically, the probability of you developing skin cancer once in a lifetime is about 20%. Now, this is really scary, but remember, early detection is key here.

Early detection with SkinScreener

The earlier skin cancer can be detected, the better are the chances of recovery. This is why our group of dermatologists and biomedical engineers have developed SkinScreener. A smart way to determine the personal risk of skin spots with an App, in addition to regular dermatological examinations.

SkinScreener complies with the requirements of European Directive 93/42/EEC and is a Class I medical device.



Check your skin lesions nearly anywhere and anytime .



Early detection of possibly malignant skin changes can prevent further harm.



Easy use of SkinScreener through detailed instructions and video manuals

Scanning your skin lesion is simple and easy!

SkinScreener is intended to be used by adult users with Fitzpatrick skin type I (ivory) to IV (light brown). SkinScreener application must not be used on children.

Camera Test

Read the risk assessment and see whether the risk for skin cancer is LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH.

Skin scan

Center a skin lesion you want to scan and hold the screen until the circle closes.


Read the risk assessment and see whether the risk for skin cancer is LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH.

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Things to know about skin health and skin cancer prevention

Try SkinScreener for free

A simple and user-friendly app to assess the risk of skin cancer, based on the best AI algorithm. The download is free and includes 2 free scans!

SkinScreener cannot replace a dermatological examination. It is not giving a diagnosis and cannot be a substitute for visiting a healthcare professional.
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